Garde d'enfants à domicile en anglais

English childcare services in paris

21 mars 2018

Mariela T. (Canada / Chile)

I started my adventure with the company in 2010 as a nanny/teacher I work with 5 families, and 8 wonderful children. My experience has been very positive, giving me the possibility of being part of these children's life and learning experience, as watching grow. As a professional the company has helped me to be creative and follow my own instinct and approach regarding lessons and ways of looking after children. Regarding the lesson, I teach English through games, songs, books, Cds and the help of the Ipad, which help the child to see the image, listen the pronunciation and really learn in a more didactic way. Regarding the babysitting: there's a good communication with each parent. I manage to do the normal tasks as giving children their afternoon snack, bath, dinner to some, reading books, and trying to encourage their imagination through games, creating funny costumes, making houses and little dolls to after enjoy a fun game. I really appreciate the connection and communication that exists between us and the company, i really feel that somehow they are my French Family. Over all my experience with le repertoire de Gaspard has been a positive one.

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Le Répertoire de Gaspard est une agence parisienne spécialisée dans la garde d'enfant à domicile en anglais. Créée en 2006, cette structure de services à la personne propose des intervenants anglophones (nannies, baby-sitters ou professeurs d'anglais) pour la garde d'enfants de 0 à 15 ans sur Paris et l'Ile-de-France. Une méthode ludique et efficace pour apprendre l'anglais en s'amusant. Agence agréée par la Préfecture de Paris : N/130711/F/075/Q/135.