Garde d'enfants à domicile en anglais

English childcare services in paris

21 mars 2018


You are joining an international team of babysitters and teachers who are all in the same position – new to Paris, looking for work, trying to make new friends.


Our friendly team can offer you

- free friendly advice

- specialist training

- invitations to different events to help you along your journey into la vie Parisienne!

From free French lessons and cookery sessions, access to a library of materials, you are never at a loss of what to do on the job.


The benefits of working with us are that:

- tailor-made contracted position that respects your time schedule, location and salary requirements

- regular pay + perks

- free French lessons

- free training

- agent award scheme to reward you for referrals

- access to a library of materials

- free lesson plans for teachers

- hours to fit your schedule

- a job close to home

- help with the French paperwork system (we can help you obtain your social security number and carte vitale)

- networking events

- a dedicated support team to advice where needed.


Our calendar of social events range from cafe gourmands; wine and cheese nights; Summer picnics and nights out in Parisian hotspots. Our regular competitions in our in-house newsletter and on Facebook provide opportunities to win an array of prizes in addition to our agent award scheme where referrals are rewarded.

With native English and French speakers on our recruitment team, we are sure to set you at ease in finding work and reaching your goals and objectives for being in Paris.

By working with an agency you will receive on the job advice and access to a hands-on team.

For example, Le Repertoire de Gaspard carries out regular visits with our babysitters and teachers on the job via our dedicated puericultrice and English language trainer. These visits are designed to see how the work is going in a friendly and informal manner and is alsoa good opportunity to give our babysitters fresh ideas for activities they can do with the children they are looking after.

The idea is that the parents are not around while the visits occur but parents are consulted prior to the visit and debriefed afterwards.

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April (Ecosse – baby-sitter de Nathan) : Working with the Répertoire de Gaspard has been great. I have felt very supported by them and they have really worked to find jobs that suit with my availability. The families have been nice and it's always been fun working...

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Le Répertoire de Gaspard est une agence parisienne spécialisée dans la garde d'enfant à domicile en anglais. Créée en 2006, cette structure de services à la personne propose des intervenants anglophones (nannies, baby-sitters ou professeurs d'anglais) pour la garde d'enfants de 0 à 15 ans sur Paris et l'Ile-de-France. Une méthode ludique et efficace pour apprendre l'anglais en s'amusant. Agence agréée par la Préfecture de Paris : N/130711/F/075/Q/135.