Garde d'enfants à domicile en anglais

English childcare services in paris

21 mars 2018
Anastasia B (USA)

  Working with Le Répertoire de Gaspard has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to teach children English while expanding my own horizons with a CAP Petite Enfance course, which will allow me to work in a French school or crèche. The agency is very focused on its employees and provides the tools to make our current work enjoyable and successful by being available for help with the children and families, planning activities for the employees, and putting together this CAP course. It has been wonderful to find an agency that is so interested in their employees and has helped me to invest in my future in France.[...]

Clare B (UK)

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better agency to work for. My experience with Le Repertoire de Gaspard has been all positive. I don't think I would have been able to set myself up here in Paris without them. They have supported me in every way here and I consider the team as friends, as well as employers/ colleagues.

Charlotte H. (New Zeland)

Working for LRDG has been a real pleasure. Not only are Catherine and her team highly professional and organized, but they genuinely care about people. From fresh activity inspiration each month to fun social team-events, they support us every step of the way. Thank you LRDG for providing a warm and welcoming introduction to Parisian working-life!

April D. (Scotland)

Working with the Répertoire de Gaspard has been great. I have felt very supported by them and they have really worked to find jobs that suit with my availability. The families have been nice and it's always been fun working with the children. It's a great way to live in Paris and make a little money doing something enjoyable and being well looked after in the process.

Felicity M. (UK)

I have been working for le repertoire de Gaspard now for nearly 2 years now. I worked for 8 months as a nanny, tutor to a boy of 5 last year and this year I am teaching English to 2 six year olds and two nine year olds as well as looking after 2 little girls a few hours a week. I love teaching and the children I look after. Gaspard agency are very good to work for and really back you up and are always there to listen to you if there are any problems with your work etc. This is extremely reassuring as well as taking care of paying you on time and all the" Admin". I would recommend Gaspard to anyone and often say they are a super team of people and very nice to work for.

Mariela T. (Canada / Chile)

I started my adventure with the company in 2010 as a nanny/teacher I work with 5 families, and 8 wonderful children. My experience has been very positive, giving me the possibility of being part of these children's life and learning experience, as watching grow. As a professional the company has helped me to be creative and follow my own instinct and approach regarding lessons and ways of looking after children. Regarding the lesson, I teach English through games, songs, books, Cds and the help of the Ipad, which help the child to see the image, listen the pronunciation and really learn in a more didactic way. Regarding the babysitting: there's a good communication with each parent. I manage to do the normal tasks as giving children their afternoon snack, bath, dinner to some, reading books, and trying to encourage their imagination through games, creating funny[...]

Laura H.T (UK)

Working on behalf of Le Repertoire de Gaspard is a pleasure. I work with a great family, looking after 3 children, and have been made to feel very welcome by both the family and the agency. The children all have such lively personalities and every day can be different, even with scheduled activities each week, but it is so rewarding to see their level of English grammar and speech improving day by day. The team at the agency have always been very helpful, whether it be helping with French paperwork queries, suggestions of activity ideas for the children, or attending the twice-weekly free French classes each week, I don't believe there is a friendlier and more helpful company to work for. I have also met and made some solid friends through the agency, which makes living in a new city and adapting to the culture much easier.

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April (Ecosse – baby-sitter de Nathan) : Working with the Répertoire de Gaspard has been great. I have felt very supported by them and they have really worked to find jobs that suit with my availability. The families have been nice and it's always been fun working...

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Le Répertoire de Gaspard est une agence parisienne spécialisée dans la garde d'enfant à domicile en anglais. Créée en 2006, cette structure de services à la personne propose des intervenants anglophones (nannies, baby-sitters ou professeurs d'anglais) pour la garde d'enfants de 0 à 15 ans sur Paris et l'Ile-de-France. Une méthode ludique et efficace pour apprendre l'anglais en s'amusant. Agence agréée par la Préfecture de Paris : N/130711/F/075/Q/135.